All Weekend Long



        Click HERE to see the wide variety of vendors available.


        The zoo at Willow park has a Friendly staff. The kids will love the animals brought to the event.

Tabletop Games

        Event Center • Main Hall

Adventure League

        RPG Room • Event Center

Bounce & Slide

        North Green 

Table Side Food Delivery 

        Event Center

Game Teachers

        Event Center

Virtual Reality

        Event Center

Artemis Star Trek Simulator 

        White Buffalo Room • Event Center

Play-to-Win Games

        Game Library 

Live Action Roll Playing (LARP)

        North Green Area

Looking For Group Local Group signup sheet

        Security Desk

Friday Only 

Magic Tournament

        Event Center

Warhammer Kill Team Tournament 

        Event Center • Main Hall

Saturday Only
Miss Utah Mario Cart Charity Racing

        Event Center • Game Library

Miniature Painting Demo/Class Sponsored by Game Grid & Paint My Game

        Event Center • Main Hall

Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournament 

        Event Center • Game Library

Free Magic the Gathering Draft

        Event Center • Main Hall

Cache Humane Society

        Expect to have a lot of fun, and to meet hundreds of adorable, adoptable pets.

Man vs. Grill

Contestants will have 45 minutes to eat a massive 5 lb burger (and keep it down). The first person to finish wins $50 in gift certificates.   

Anyone who finishes the challenge will get their picture on our wall of fame located inside of the restaurant and massive bragging rights. 

The price is $25,  which pays for your seat in the competition, the burger, and a man vs grill challenger T-shirt. 

        Time to be determined.

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