Friday August 16

Noon - Collecting Precious Metals

David Crasper

1:00pm - Quality Assurance through Play Testing 

Joseph Bower, Paul Young, Nathan Atwater

2:00pmComputer Modeling in Game Design

Steve Simmons

3:00pmConfessions of a Comic-book Author

Ben Harrison, Gary Brantner

4:00pmGMing 101

Under the Wing Gaming

5:00pmPaid to Play Becoming a Video Game Professional

Josh Covington

6:00pmCopyright Law & Your Intellectual Property 

Wayman Stoddart

7:00pmCrowdfunding and Social Media

Matthew Havertz

8:00pmWorld Building for SciFi/Adventure Authors

Steven Heumann, Steve Simmons, Charlotte Maynard, William Pace

9:00pmHow to Start a Game Group

Steve Maynard, Ben Harrison, Jameson Smith, William Pace

10:00pmMarvel Trivia Contest

Ben Harrison

11:00pmLate Night at MyCon

Event be announced

Saturday August 17

9:00amGMing 101

Under the Wing Gaming

10:00am - The Art of Roleplay: Finding Your Voice and Staying True to Your Character 

Honkytonk Monkeyshine Improv

11:00amMistcreats Live RPG Demo

Jameson Smith & the Mistcreants

12:00pmGame Design Simplified

Joseph Bower, Paul Young, Ben & Steve Simmons, Nate Atwater

1:00pmLocal Authors by North Logan Library

Jameson Smith

2:00pmWatch Local Authors play D&D

Dave Knighton & Authors

3:00pmStory of the Game

Ben Simmons, Steve Simmons, Paul Young, Joseph Brower, Nate Atwater

4:00pmServesteem: You and Your Community

Dexonna Talbot (Miss Utah)

5:00pmCosplay Contest

MyCon Staff

* Subject to change at any time.

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